Candidate Profiles for 2020 Executive Board

Please review candidate profiles in preparation for YDATL Executive Board Elections on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 7:30pm at Manuel's Tavern. All active YDATL members are eligible to vote. If you wish to verify your membership status in advance of the meeting, please email


Below are candidate answers to the three following questions: 

1. What is your previous involvement in YDATL or other political organizations?

2. What experience or skills will you bring to the YDATL Executive Board?

3. What do you do when you're not working to build a blue future? (For work or for fun.)

Declared Candidates:

1. President: Jonathan LeonZach Nikonovich-Kahn

2. Vice President: Maria Andrade

3. Finance Director: Jodi Greenberg & Ted Gillespie

4. Communications Director: Juliette Lockman

5. Secretary: Gabriel Sanchez

6: Political Director: Daniel Wilson

7: Activism Director: Chris Sandbach

8: Service Director: Chase Stell

9: Social Director: Brit Eames

10: North Fulton Regional Director: 

11: South Fulton Regional Director: Megan Dubose 

Jonathan Leon

Candidate for President

1. I have served on the YDATL board for 3 years, as the service chair and advocacy chair. I am active in the Fulton County Democratic party specifically organizing in South Fulton.


2. I am a former educator and community organizer, today I lead the state arm of a national 501c3 and c4 organization, working to end the injustice of educational inequity. Having served on campaigns across the country I am a seasoned political operative with years of experience across every level of race. I have worked and served on local boards, civic organizations and community organizations. I bring a commitment to democratic values and experience necessary to lead the organization into what will be a vitally important 2020.


3. When I am not building a blue future, I am spending time with my two boys Jayden and Jayce, and my wife Breonna.

For more information, please visit 


Zack Nikonovich-Kahn

Candidate for President

1. I have been a member of YDATL for three years, and have served on the Board for the past two years. In 2018, I served as the Social Chair, where I planned and executed four successful social events for YDATL which raised funds for the organization and recruited new members. I have loved serving as the Vice President this past year, where I was responsible for recruiting new members to our organization. I am very excited that our membership has grown to 110 members, and I would be honored to serve this organization as President.


2. Looking back on my experience and my skills, there are two things that I believe make me an excellent candidate to serve as President next year. They are: My extensive experience working in the progressive political space. I worked as a public policy advocate for a nonprofit organization for several years, where I advocated for a variety of progressive issues, including Medicaid expansion and a State Earned Income Tax Credit. I also helped lobby for the successful passage of the Family Care Act, which allows employees in the state to use up to five days of earned sick leave to care for an immediate family member. Additionally, I helped lobby for the successful implementation of money in the state budget to fund a program that provides social services to youth aging out of foster care. I have been a member of YDATL for three years, and I have served on the Board for the previous two years. I served as the Social Chair in 2018, and I have served as the Vice President this year. As Social Chair, I planned and executed four successful social events which raised funds and recruited new members for the organization. As Vice President, I have led a successful recruitment initiative that has grown our membership to over 100 people.


3. I work as the Director of Volunteer Recruitment for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, where I lead the team that is responsible for finding adults to serve as mentors to children around Atlanta.


Maria Andrade

Candidate for Vice President

1. Maria is an At-Large State Committee Member for the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) and serves in the DPG Affirmative Action Committee. She is the current Vice President of Programs for the Young Democrats of Georgia and serves as the Communications Director for the Young Democrats of Atlanta. She is a co-founder of the YDG Latinx Caucus and served as the Caucus Secretary in 2018 when she helped organize meetings and canvasses to empower the Latinx community throughout Atlanta and the entire state. Maria regularly participates in community trainings and is a Georgia WIN List 2018 Leadership Academy alumni. Additionally, she has experience working in the nonprofit world as well as in campaigns and the Georgia State Legislature.


2. Maria Andrade is originally from Venezuela and moved to Georgia in 2012. Her lived experiences as an immigrant and a woman of color are part of the reason why she is so personally dedicated to fighting for the betterment of the Democratic Party. Maria serves as the Chief of Staff for Senator Nikema Williams and has previously worked as a Marketing Strategist at the World Affairs Council of Atlanta. Additionally, she has extensive experience working in campaigns nationwide.


3. Maria likes spending time with her friends and family, listening to podcasts, and exploring Atlanta.

For more information, please visit 


1. After canvassing for the 6th district special election as my first foray into political involvement, I knew that I wanted to continue to work to make an impact through local politics. After Zach Nikonovich-Kahn introduced me to YDATL during the Future Is Blue 2017, I was sure that this organization would be the best connection for me to find my political path. Since then, I've researched bills, lobbied representatives and canvassed to keep pushing Georgia blue.


2. As a lawyer, I'm detail oriented and organized. For the position of Finance Director, this allows me to think pragmatically and logically and objectively communicate even when dealing with sensitive topics such as money. For the board in general, my background helps me understand our political climate from a different lens and will help me explain to the chapter the benefits and limitations of various legislative policies.


3. I'm an estate planning, probate and small business attorney. Outside of work, I watch college football, play board games with friends and consume far too much news.

Jodi Greenberg

Candidate for Finance Director 


Ted Gillespie

Candidate for Finance Director

1. I became a YDATL member earlier this year, and have been attending YDATL general body and political activism committee meetings regularly for the last several months. Before moving to Atlanta, I worked as the Deputy Campaign Manager for a (successful!) state house candidate in Alabama. I think this experience will help me manage the organizational and management challenges of being YDATL Finance Director.


2. I’m a transactional attorney and have previously worked on a few Democratic campaigns. I think these experiences have helped me to hone my leadership, communication and organizational skills, all of which will be invaluable to YDATL’s Finance Director.


3. I work as a lawyer on tax-credit financed transactions (and I’m happy to go into the all the nerdy details with anyone who has any questions). Outside of work, I enjoy audiobooks, hiking, and standup comedy (and often, audiobooks about standup comedy while hiking). I’m looking forward to getting to know more YDATL members and exploring more sides of Atlanta through our membership.


Gabriel Sanchez

Candidate for Secretary

1. I have lived in downtown Atlanta for the past 4 years and have been getting more involved in the community and in politics overall. I worked for Human Rights Campaign (HRC) back in 2017 and realized my love for public work and politics. Since then, I worked on Representative Sam Park's campaign in 2018 and worked as a Legislative Aid for him in the 2019 session. I currently work for the Democratic Party of Georgia as an Organizer, but apparently that isn't enough work for me to do. I've been to a couple of YDATL events and meetings and I want to get much more involved because it's apparent that YDATL is a great organization to be a part of to be able to help advocate for our community.


2. Although I haven't been super involved in YDATL until recently, I have gotten plenty of experience in the political realm over the last two years. I have especially improved my organizing skills in terms of organizing people towards a common goal, being a Field Manager in a couple of my previous jobs and currently working as an Organizer for DPG. I'm also an organized person in general when it comes to keeping up with the task at hand and keeping track of what is happening at our meetings. I'll make sure everyone knows what's going on with YDATL and the good work being done.


3. I'm such a political nerd so even in my spare time I watch way too much political YouTube. However, I am also a filmmaker (my degree is in Film funnily enough). I also play soccer and I'm a weeb (aka I love anime)


Juliette Lockman

Candidate for Communications Director

1. I've been a member of YDATL since 2017 and politically involved for a decade. I also serve as US Congressional District #5 Director for Georgia Federation of Democratic Women focusing on membership and educational events for women of the district trying to become politically involved. I've served a number of positions on various campaigns for Jon Ossoff, John Noel, Kwanza Hall, Andrew Gillum, and Nikki Fried.


2. I have a professional background in the political arenas of GA and FL as well as experience in sales, marketing, public relations and music management. I am very engaged and in tune with the pulse of the people and the problems everyday Americans and Georgians are facing. With so much being at stake in 2020 and all of the fake news floating around that people actually believe, I think it is imperative to serve in any capacity I can to educate and inform young voters through effective, productive means of communication.

3. I serve on the Comms team for a global philanthropic foundation. For fun, I watch documentaries, try new restaurants in Atlanta's burgeoning food scene, go to live music shows, check out record stores, and am an avid meditator.


1. YDA Member - Volunteer


2. Current Secretary of the YDG Black Caucus. I have experience in lobbying, organizing, canvassing, and political outreach and engagement.


3. Avid Videogamer, Runner, Community Organization Member, Financial Process Manager

Daniel Wilson 

Candidate for Political Director


1. Member of YDATL since 2014, Governor with Red Clay Dems


2. Experience running social organizations, Background in election and campaign finance law Experienced in promoting events and community outreach.

3. Public Defender in a metro county, President and founder of Manchester United Supporters of Atlanta, Involved with Soccer in the streets, Attending concerts and soccer games

Chris Sandbach

Candidate for Activism Director 


1. I have been an active member of YDATL since February 2019. Apart from YDATL, I currently serve on the board of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta Young Leaders. The World Affairs Council of Atlanta is a membership-based, non-partisan organization with a mission to provide a forum for informed discussion of global affairs and their impact on the metro-Atlanta community.


2. Through my work at the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), I bring project management experience and communication skills. As a board member of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta Young Leaders, I have significant event planning experience which is crucial for the service chair position.


3. I work at the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) which is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta. Our mission is to improve the health of our climate and communities by bringing people together to develop and commercialize clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation technologies. Specifically, I manage zero-emission transit bus deployment projects for transit agencies across the U.S. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, fishing, and catching the latest movie in theaters with my girlfriend.

Chase Stell

Candidate for Service Director 


1. I am the current Social Chair of YDATL, the founder of Millennials for Abrams as well as Millennials for Warren, and I am a founding board member responsible for development of Millennials for Progress (PAC).


2. As the current Social Chair, I’m proud to be able to integrate all that we’ve learned in 2019 into our 2020 efforts.


3. Hang out with my 2-year-old and 9-year-old doggies!

For more information, please visit 

Brit Eames

Candidate for Social Director 


1. I have attended events and monthly meetings for YDATL. I worked on the Stacey Abrams campaign, Legislative Aide for Rep. Hugley, Joe Carn (Field Director), Linda J. Davis and Presidential Campaign for Kamala Harris.


2. The experiences I have to bring to the table reflect my insight from working on campaigns and with public officials. I have a strong passion for making a difference in my community if I am given the chance represent the Young Democrats of Atlanta I would bring a drive that will the whole team.


3. I have fun when I attend workshops and events to better my skills.

Megan Dubose

Candidate for South Fulton Regional Director 

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