Candidate Profiles for 2021 Executive Board

Please review candidate profiles in preparation for YDATL Executive Board Elections on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 7:30pm via Zoom. All active YDATL members in good standing are eligible to vote. If you wish to verify your membership status in advance of the meeting, please email


Below are candidate answers to the three following questions: 

1. What is your previous involvement in YDATL or other political organizations?

2. What experience or skills will you bring to the YDATL Executive Board?

3. What do you do when you're not working to build a blue future? (For work or for fun.)

Declared Candidates:

1. President: Chase Stell

2. Vice President: Andrew Comstock

3. Finance Director: Abbey McDaniel

4. Communications Director: Brit Eames

5. Secretary: Vacant

6: Political Director: Michael Fittro, Anna Hall, and Nate Jester

7: Activism Director: Sarah Pedersen

8: Service Director: Micah J. McClure

9: Social Director: Jeremiah Olney

10: North Fulton Regional Director: Allen Anderson

11: South Fulton Regional Director: Vacant  

1. I served as the YDATL Service Director during 2020 and also serve on the board of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta Young Leaders. Additionally, I am a Post Seat Holder of the Fulton County Democratic Party.


2. My work as the Service Director for the YDATL Board has been the crucial experience I needed to excel in the position of YDATL President in 2021. From helping the organization navigate the hardships of the pandemic to providing quality programming for our membership, this experience has reignited my passion for politics and belief in what we do at YDATL. Throughout the year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Stacy Abrams, Tom Perez and so many other inspiring democratic leaders. I plan to continue to utilize my network to drive my number one goal for 2021, which is to make YDATL more diverse and inclusive in a way that is reflective of the Atlanta community. It would be my sincere honor to serve as YDATL's President in 2021.


3. I am an associate consultant at the Center for Transportation and the Environment. Our mission is to improve the health of our climate and communities by bringing people together to develop and commercialize clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation technologies.


Chase Stell

Candidate for President


Andrew Comstock

Candidate for Vice President

1.I am a lifelong Democrat and current member of YDATL and Red Clay Dems. Currently, I am involved with the DPG having volunteered as a poll watcher and now working as the canvass-captain for Fulton County, in the DPG Ballot Curing / Voter Protection team. I have also been in Democratic organizations and clubs in Washington DC and the Bay Area where I previously lived and attended college. I am also involved in many other similar organizations such as Rotary International. I think I would bring experience in organization building and membership growth to YDATL, if elected to this position.


2. I think the most valuable thing I would bring to the YDATL board would be my experience in organizing events and growing the membership of the club. Whether it has been in my professional experience as a campaign organizer or in my personal life as a member of other similar clubs, I believe I would be able to help YDATL attract new members from all parts of our community - especially in the aftermath of a wave election. I think YDATL can capitalize on the enthusiasm and broad base of Democratic support that we have just seen in the November election and will see in the January election.


3. I am a huge NBA fan and love to play pickup basketball in my free time - though I have not been able to for most of 2020. I also really enjoy reading history books, traveling, and watching old movies. Once this pandemic is over, I think you will find me and my girlfriend Tracy checking out all of the cool dive bars and breweries around Atlanta.


1. I've been a member of YDATL consistently for the last year and intermittently before. that. I've volunteered on campaigns since 2017.


2. I currently work at a non-profit and creating budgets, monitoring expenses, and managing business operations is a large part of my job - I can bring these skills and experiences to the YDATL Executive Board.


3. I've worked as a Program Coordinator at CARE in global sexual and reproductive health for the last 3 years. I like travel, sand volleyball, yoga, dancing, and baking.

Abbey McDaniel

Candidate for Finance Director


1. Social Chair 2020, 2019


2. Extensive Communications experience in the electoral organizing space


3. I work on the Comms Team for New Georgia Project.

Brit Eames

Candidate for Communications Director


Michael Fritto

Candidate for Political Director

1. I joined YDATL when I moved to Atlanta from Manhattan this past March. I was told about the group by a Facebook friend and officially joined the night of my first meeting. I previously was a volunteer with the organization New Sanctuary Coalition in Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens. I helped facilitate the process of gaining asylum and protecting refugees seeking asylum. I worked with translators, other legal professionals, and the "friends" seeking help directly. I also was trained as an accompanier which enabled me to be with these friends during court hearings, check-ins with ICE, or other agencies, and was able to be a comfort counsel when needed. Prior to that, I was Chairman of the Next Generation Caucus of my home county, where I worked to register young voters and create a new, bold vision for the area. I was also involved with a local Tampa Bay coalition to ban the practice of conversion therapy. As a survivor of the bigoted pseudoscience, I shared my story with the council and our group received unanimous support in banning the abusive practice. I was a political intern for We Are Woman, a feminist organization, in 2016 during the general election. Prior to that, I was involved in my high school's GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance, which promoted equality in schools, stopping anti-LGBTQ+ bullying, repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, and legalizing gay marriage.


2. Having the honor of working in various capacities across the country, I believe my unique experience and skills will be a valuable addition to the YDATL Board. I was raised in a working-class, single-parent home, and started working at the age of 14. From that point forward I learned the value of hard work and earning my way. My mother always had involved me in community service, whether religious or secular, teaching me the humbling honor of serving others rather than yourself, and lifting up with a helping hand. I've worked professionally in campaigning and grassroots fundraising, organizing, and advocacy for five years, and volunteered since 2010. I interned in the Florida legislature in 2016, gaining valuable knowledge and first-hand experience in the whole legislative process, as well as creating a community-focused, goal-oriented legislative agenda. I utilized that experience when I advocated banning conversion therapy in Tampa in 2017, where I shared the story of my own experience in it. I also fought to protect consumer's rights on Florida's capitol hill, 2019. At my synagogue in New York, I gained invaluable experience working alongside various legal experts and translators on asylum and refugee cases while the Trump Administration made it harder every day. I also trained as an accompanier to be able to be with our "friends" in need in moments of personal need, and need regarding court and other imperative check-ins. I have expanded national outreach of non-profits and developed databases and strategies to connect various organizations and institutions together to create unique coalitions and professional relationships. I worked as a Senior Field Organizer during the 2020 general election with For Our Future Florida, flipping Pinellas, Miami, and Broward Blue, all while leading and being led by diverse groups of people. I also was privileged to serve as their LGBTQ+ delegate at their digital National GOTV Town Hall event. I believe that I have the necessary qualifications to represent the YDATL Executive Board as Political Director. My various skills obtained through my unique experiences will enable me to be an effective advocate, liaison between YDATL and respected parties, and a receptive leader who will organize a growing and increasingly diverse membership and expand relationships with the various levels of government and organizations. I believe it's my role while doing the good work now, to prepare this seat and our organization for the future and for our future leaders. Doing that means reaching out to black, brown, indigenous, and other marginalized communities and working to make them feel welcomed, heard, and that their voices are necessary here in YDATL, and making sure that their voice is at the forefront of YDATL. With my experience in community and coalition building, I believe that we can make more of that long waited, much-needed change..


3. While not working to build a Blue Future, I am always at some point advocating or expressing my voice in some way. I am a vocalist and performance artist, an actor, and I love to read and write. I use art to express what's going on in the world and in our country, and I love being deeply involved with my community. I love biking and hiking, and exploring the city. I work part time at a local movie theater when they need an extra hand, and my professional work generally coincides with building a Blue Future due to shared values, but I work in organizing, the political and governmental process, and in entertainment and media. I come from an Italian family so I love to cook, and any chance I get to spend with family these days are truly my favorite moments.


Anna Hall

Candidate for Political Director 

1.I have been a member of Young Democrats of Atlanta since December 2019. I am a lifelong Georgia resident that started my love for politics by creating a new branch of UNICEF in my high school. After graduating, I got started in politics right away working as a fundraising canvasser for the Democratic Party of Georgia. After this, I later started working as a campaign coordinator for state house campaigns all across Georgia. This was in an effort to increase Democratic representation in the state house and attempt to stop Republican gerrymandering in 2021.When it comes to policy interests, my passion lies with the Black Lives Movement. I have participated in multiple demonstrations and had the honor of accompanying many black activists on the People's Uprising's Freedom Ride. I also have a clear understanding of our second amendment as a legal observer for the ACLU in both the streets with fellow protesters and in state capitol committee meetings. I have also been involved volunteering with the United Black Liberation Coalition (UBLC). Through the UBLC, I've been given the opportunity to help with food and clothing drives for communities in need. I have also been involved with the Housing Justice League. This is group dedicated to ensuring affordable housing in the Atlanta area and worked to ensure people know their rights when faced with threat of eviction. Lastly, I am involved with Georgia State's Fair Fight. Through our organization, we have worked hard on voter education and actively work on making election day a holiday.


2. As previously mentioned, I have a lot experience canvassing and organizing. I have set up many phone banks and door to door canvassing events. I have also worked a lot with data as a data assistant. Data can be essential to a campaign and really can increase efficiency and effectiveness of a message. I also have specific experience parsing policies as a justice on Georgia State's Student Judicial Board. I have learned and really come to understand the importance of language. An if, and, or but can really affect a whole policy so greatly. This is where we get those legal loop holes. We also strive for reformative justice which I believe should be the goal of all courts of law. We focus on not punishing students for the sake of punishment, but a more hands on result to truly understand and help fix a behavior. I also hope to lend some support from a social media perspective as well. I would like to build more policy based voter education campaigns. This could be something like policing and an explanation of how all of our local representatives affect what government institutions we visibly see in our community.


3. To be honest, my free time is quite packed with politics. I met my boyfriend as a canvasser and most of my friends work in politics. I am also a student at Georgia State studying political science. This really is my life. However, I love to make music when I have the time and love the more extreme of sports. If it was not so expensive, I would love to go skydiving and find more interesting ways to feel as though a human can fly all the time.


Nate Jester

Candidate for Political Director 

1. I've been a member of YDATL since 2018. I'm also a member of the New Politics Leadership Academy Alumni Committee and the YDG Black Caucus. I'm excited to do more for YDATL. .


2. I was born and raised in Southwest Atlanta. I'm passionate about my city and making my community better through political actIvism. After high school, I joined the military. I have years of experience as a leader in the Marines. I'll put the management, teamwork, and problem-solving skills I picked up to work for YDATL. After leaving the military, I went to law school. In law school I learned to be a zealous advocate by serving as a legal aid student attorney, representing the community's most disadvantaged in their fight for their rights to housing and wages. I also served on the executive board of multiple student organizations before graduating this May. These experiences will help me serve you and our community. I'm currently an associate at a law firm in Atlanta. In 2021, I will also be joining the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, a nonprofit focused on one of my passions: affordable housing.

3. I stream movies and shows. What im watching now: Queens Gambit and Umbrella Academy. I read. Favorite reads this year: The Color of Money and Invisible Man.


1. I came to the fundraiser at Piedmont Park. I am also volunteer coordinator for the Georgia 55 Project


2. Very organised and motivated! Scheduled and trained 300+volunteers. Also created the branding for Georgia 55's MARTA farmers market initiative to register disenfranchised voters. Experience with Canva, slack, google suite, and all social media platforms.


3. I'm a nanny. I love watching Liverpool FC, painting my nails, traveling (pre-COVID), and yoga.

Sarah Pedersen 

Candidate for Activism Director


Micah J. McClure

Candidate for Service Director 

1. I've never participated in any YDATL events, but I look forward to being very active in the near future. I've organized public sector employees as a union organizer and assisted with several efforts to pass pro-worker legislation/elect labor friendly candidates across the US. I've also managed canvassing efforts that have reached over 90,000 black voters across Fulton County.


2. I'm an experienced community and union organizer with over 12 years experience between the two. I've directed or participated in political and union organizing efforts for public employees across 7 different states including the recent victory of Nevada state workers in winning the right to collective bargaining. I am also the Associate Director of Organize to Mobilize, a social justice organization here in Atlanta that has current programs around mobilizing black youth around social justice issues, securing funding for HBCU's, and engaging black voters..

3. I'm a Labor Union Organizer for AFSCME, one of the nation's most powerful unions for public sector employees. I am also the Associate Director of Organize to Mobilize. ( Outside of that, I love live music (pre-covid) and reading. My favorite hobby has to be traveling though. I've been to 6 of 7 continents and many countries.


Allen Anderson

Candidate for North Fulton Director 

1. My primary engagement this election cycle was as a field organizer on the successful re-election campaign of Congresswoman Lucy McBath. As a dedicated member of the North Fulton Democrats, I've volunteered on several others, including those of Sarah Beeson, Ken Lawler, and Justin Holsomback. I served as an ambassador of Rock the Vote, during which I provided information to young voters and contributed to this year's record breaking youth-turnout. I'm looking forward to the new ways in which I'll get to contribute to the Democratic agenda. I recently was elected Secretary of the Fulton County Democrats and joined the Ossoff campaign as a field organizer.


2. So much of my work has been focused around engagement. That is, I know how to talk with a diverse array of people, understand their interests, and get them involved appropriately. I've done so in ways ranging from volunteer recruitment to creating a liberal club at my high school and getting previously un-engaged students involved. I believe one of my greatest strengths lies in analysis, criticism, and developments. In other words, I believe that all things can be made better, and it is for that reason I always make it a goal of mine to try and improve whatever capacity I operate in. For example, on the McBath campaign, I spent a lot of time trying to make our outreach scripts a lot more policy-based while still keeping them understandable and relatable. The Board can count on me to focus on bettering the abilities of YDATL. In seeking the position of North Fulton Director, my experience will enable me to better structure a coalition of Democratic youth in a region that has not yet been organized (at least not as much as the other regions). I would be more than happy and capable of amalgamating the loose coalition of Young Democrats in the area and creating a powerful force.


3. I love writing poetry and attempting to maintain my sanity by indulging in surreal memes. I'm also subscribed to an ungodly number of publications, so you can catch me reading the latest Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine or Wall Street Journal paper. I really value information, love discussing policy, and enjoy speculation on what a more functional state may look like.


Jeremiah Olney

Candidate for Social Director

1.Though I have not been heavily involved in YDATL, I have been a dues paying member since early this year and have sponsored the post-Democratic State Dinner event in the past. I have been working with and for Democrats and progressive issue campaigns over the last five years as a campaign consultant doing work in the realms of communications, policy development, and canvassing.


2. Not only will I bring years of experience in Democratic politics, I have also developed skills in event planning and fundraising as a member of my fraternity alumni board. If elected social director, I will gladly put these same skills to use on behalf of YDATL as we seize on the new energy generated by Georgia turning blue. The work that activists are doing in this state is crucial but can often lead to exhaustion and burnout due to the volume and nature of the work. As such, I believe it's essential to offer our members, both new and old, opportunities to engage with one another in a more relaxed, socially-focused way.


3. As an independent political strategist, both my personal and professional life tend to revolve around Democratic politics. However, there are a few things I will always make time for, including going to the movies (pre-COVID, at least), playing Dungeons and Dragons, writing, and going to heavy metal concerts (again, pre-COVID).


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